Delt Force is a patented, free-weight device that isolates and builds larger  and more defined deltoid/shoulder muscles.* Effectively rehabs and strengthens rotator cuffs and shoulders. 

Why Delt Force? How Delt Force works

Tough welded steel, black powder finish, Chrome rod for holding plates is removable, for easy portability. Includes exercise manual. PLATES NOT INCLUDED (uses 1" hole plates)

"Delt Force is an amazing new free-weight device that has built my delts bigger and stronger!" -Brent Kittel, former pitcher for the LA Dodgers

Proven highly effective by over 500 bodybuilders and athletes. Utilized in most NFL, NBA, and MLB training rooms.

*Results may vary.  30 day money back guarantee.  NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES.

Delt Force studies in bodybuilding magazines

Cory Everson, Ms. Olympia 1984-1989


  1. Never Drop the DELT FORCE®, lower it to the ground gently.
    It is not designed to be dropped and it will get damaged and parts/weights will eject if dropped.

  2. Read all instructions in this manual before using the DELT FORCE®.

  3. Work with the assistance of a partner if available.

  4. DELT FORCE® is not intended for children.

  5. DELT FORCE® is designed for shoulder exercises only. Do not use for any other exercises.

  6. Stop using the device if you feel any discomfort or pain. See your physician before continuing use.


If you have had any type of pain or injury in your shoulders or back, before using the DELT FORCE®, bring this device and these directions to a qualified sports physician so that he/she may evaluate it and decide whether it's safe for you to use.

Patented US/International Patents Pending DELT FORCE® is a registered trademark 2007 Alpina Manufacturing, LLC All Rights Reserved and Strictly Enforced 


DELT FORCE® weighs 7 lbs., so you may begin the exercises below without adding weight plates, or depending on your level of strength, adding weight to device. 
Only add more plates according to your level of strength.


4a - Stand upright with a dumbbell in right hand out to your side. Place left hand on your delt so that you can feel your deltoid with your fingers. You will feel that your front and side delt heads are hard. This means that they are activated. Since your front delt is stronger than your side delt, the front delt does most of the lifting work when doing upright side lateral raises.

4b - Bend over at 45 degrees with your arm still out at your side. You will feel your front delt get soft, while the side delt remains hard. In this 45 degree body position, your side delt is isolated and does most of the lifting. See # 10 for exercise.

4c - Bend over at 90 degrees. Now, your rear delt is hard. The front and most of the side delt are soft. The rear delt does most of the work.


(very important) 5 minutes of jumping jacks are good. Then, with a 5 lb. dumbbell in each hand do 2 sets (set=10) for the following slowly: (5a) Bent-over side lateral raises, (5b) Front raises, (5c) Upward presses. You may add other warm-up exercises.


Hits mostly front and side delts. Slide shoulder pad to the right side of unit. Bend your knees and keep your back as straight as possible. (6a) Pick up unit with your left hand on the left side of the unit. (6b) Slowly bring unit to your right shoulder, making sure the round shoulder pad is somewhat centered on the top of your shoulder. Sit on a bench or chair, keep your body upright and back straight with elbow/arm centered under device. (For left shoulder, grasp right side of unit)

7. UPRIGHTS: START Slow upward motion. Don't shrug your shoulder. If you shrug your shoulder your Trapezius muscle is helping you "cheat" on the exercise to finish upward motion. Push down slightly with your left hand on the shoulder pad and drop your shoulder down as you begin the upward motion with your right arm. If your shoulder must shrug to finish your upward movement, you are probably using too much weight.

8. UPRIGHTS: FINISH Keeping your shoulder down, don't shrug. Slowly bring unit up above horizontal, then slowly lower. It is important that you do reps SLOWLY when going up and down. Never jerk the weight up. (You have too much weight if you have to jerk device up) Keep your body upright, don't bend or sway side-to-side while doing the exercise. You don't need heavy weights for proper delt isolation exercises.

9. YOU MAY DO THE SEATED UPRIGHT RAISES. Your elbow pointing directly out to your (9a) side, (9b) forward or (9c) slightly towards the back. This stimulates your deltoid heads differently.

10. SIDE DELT ISOLATION: START (See Direction #4 to see how the 3 heads of your delt are isolated) This will explain why your body position is important during delt head isolation exercises. Kneel down at the side of a bench (or you may use a chair). Lean your chest on the bench so that your body is leaning forward at about a 45 degree angle. Use a foam pad or towel to cushion your knees and chest. The reason for resting your chest against the bench is to make it easier for your lower back. (Pictured is right side delt workout. Reverse for left side delt)

11. SIDE DELT ISOLATION: FINISH Upward Movement. Your elbows will be pointing directly out to your side for this exercise. Maintain slow movements up and down. Make sure to keep your chest against the bench. If you are bending over properly, you should feel the isolating "burn" on your side delt.

1. 10 reps RIGHT SIDE delt isolation
2. 30 seconds rest
3. 10 reps RIGHT SIDE delt again
4. 15 seconds rest
6. Switch to left arm, repeat steps 1-5 for left side

Repeat the entire program (1-6 above) 2 more times. Create a program that gives your delts the most intense workout.

Incorporating DELT FORCE® into your exercise routine will provide the perfect finishing touch to your delts!

WARRANTY: For 2 years from the date of purchase, any materials or workmanship which may be defective will be repaired or replaced. This warranty does not apply to damage as a result of mishandling or abuse, improper assembly, or modification.

ORDERING INFO: If you're looking to build wider, bigger, stronger delts, or you've had an injury or problem with your shoulder or rotator cuff, Delt Force can provide great results. Simple device, simple exercise, outstanding results !



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